Phaewo Fw-H12A 12inch 7.8AH folding adult electric bicycle e bike eu stock available

  • 🚲【Folding Design】: The frame material is aviation 6061 aluminum alloy, which has better strength and will not rust. Fast folding, durable and light weight, easy to portable and storage.
  • 🚲【Powerful Battery】: 36V 7.8AH high-quality lithium battery with high voltage and high specific energy. Long cycle life, good safety performance, fast charging. It only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.
  • 🚲【Sports Mode】: There are three modes of pure electric, electric power assist, and riding. You can freely change the mode you want during riding to make riding more fun. The pure electric mode can reach 25-30 kilometers, and the electric assist mode can reach 35-40 kilometers.
  • 🚲【LED Headlights and Display】: Equipped with front LED headlights, it is safer to ride at night. The LED display panel displays a lot of data. Not only can you understand the driving situation through the display panel during riding, but it also looks very advanced.
  • 🚲【Brake Type】: The mechanical disc brake adopts the disc brake method imitating the car, and uses the front and rear double disc brakes, so it has a better braking effect and higher safety performance.

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