Phaewo Magic Gloves – Magic Silicone Gloves for Multi-Purpose Uses

FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Made from 100% food grade silicone. Don’t worry about latex allergy. You can use it to wash fruits and vegetables.

FREE E-BOOK! You get a free e-book with tips for a clean natural house with every purchase.

BRISTLES ON BOTH SIDES! Our dishwashing gloves have bristles on both sides and anti-slip grips on each finger. When you use our gloves, you will be able to wash everything thoroughly without having to fear that it will slip out of your hands. Also, when you lose one glove, you can still choose which hand to use the other one as each glove can be worn on the left or right hand. Be careful when you use too much soap as it will get slippery then and dishes might slip out of your hand, especially glasses or porcelain.

DURABLE AND HEAT-RESISTANT: Our silicone magicgloves can last for 3 to 5 years, so you contribute to the environment as you don’t have to buy a new pair every year. You save money and you save the environment at the same time. You can also hold a hot plate or take eggs out of boiled water (don’t hold them for more than 5 minutes).

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