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Phaewo Electric Scooter , 8.5 Inches honeycombs  Tires Foldable Adult Scooter, Two Speed Stunt Scooter withrake, Max Speed 15.6 mph (25 kmph) and Endurance 25 km


Phaewo E-scooter

Phaewo Fw-H85B is our hotselling models ,Stock available in USA and EU warehouse ,contact us for mor e information!!

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Phaewo Electric Scooter Fw-H85B

The specification of 85B
- honeycomb tires/air tire/Solid tire
- endurance mileage 25 (km/h)
- 36V battery
- 8.5inch 250W
-stock available in EU and USA warehouse

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Phaewo Fw-85B e-scooter