6 years professional electric scooter 

Phaewo Electric Scooter X10, 8.5 Inches Solid Tires Foldable Adult Scooter, Two Speed Stunt Scooter with ABS Disc Brake, Max Speed 15.6 mph (25 kmph) and Endurance 25 km

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Phaewo E-scooter

Phaewo E-scooter is our newest product, but definitely not our last!!
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Our Best Sellers

Phaewo Electric Scooter

This irresistible scooter has:
- solid tires
- endurance 25 mph (km/h)
- 36V battery
- max uphill 20 degrees

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Phaewo Spin Scrubber

This amazing multi-purpose, 2-speed scrubber has a battery display and a FREE rack! It is the most advanced cleaning tool on the market. 

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Phaewo Magic Gloves

Food grade silicone gloves with soft bristles on both sides. Multi-purpose gloves and ideal for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, even for pet-grooming, etc.

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Bouteille Pliable (FR market only)

Cette bouteille d'eau en silicone pliable de qualité alimentaire remplace l'utilisation de la bouteille en plastique. En retour, nous contribuons à sauver notre précieuse mère de la Terre. C'est pratique à utiliser et à transporter partout où vous allez.

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Phaewo X10 e-scooter